Azimbay Gali told the truth about Serikzhan Bilash

Today, communist dictatorships are intensifying in China. Xi Jin Ping brought back to Mau’s concept. The Chinese economy has fallen into crisis. In this case, they do the opposite and crush the people. Not only Kazakhs and Uighurs, but also Chinese people are crushed. The people’s protests have intensified. We were worried about the detention of Kazakhs in concentration camps. There are reports that not 10, not 1000, even from 100.000 to 500.000 Kazakhs were detained. This is a violation of human rights. Western countries are very disappointed. Yesterday, the American Consul in Almaty came to me. His name is Eric Ryan. He said that they know about Kazakh’s and Uighur’s difficult condition in China and we also know that Serikzhan Bilyash, who helped the victims, was detained and and it is obvious that China is behind it. Consul also said that he is one of the defenders of Serikzhan and he will help him to get out of it.

All his video information and evidence about people who are in prison and had been abused, tortured were sent to America, Europe and France etc. All the foreign presses are writing about it and now American Consulate started paying attention to it. This is not the arrest of a criminal; it is the arrest of an international human rights defender. In my opinion, they release him.  Bacause on the one hand there is no reason to arrest him. On the other hand

Kazakhstan does not want to violate relations with America and European countries. But the Chinese side is demanding. For example, when they investigated me for 8 hours, they said to write a statement. During the investigation, I say differently, they write protocol differently with

accusation. I didn’t sign it. So I edited protocol 3 times. At that time Serikzhan was still in freedom. At that time, I thought they would arrest Serikzhan. They were calling me for that. They said: “You are not afraid, you are only witness.

He has said something about you, do you have a dignity? Tell about him, don’t be afraid”.So they wanted me to slander him. I wanted to call and warn him, but I did not have his number. Serikzhan made a very big contribution. Our government is also working and they also want to free Kazakh. But The Chinese communist dictatorship seems to be disrespectful to our government. In this case Serikzhan Bilash did a great job. Because America imposes economic sanctions on China for human rights abuses. And China’s economy is falling now. And the Chinese people do not bear the burden of living and they may throw down the communist regime.

So China knows what’s going on with it. They will have to release Serikzhan Bilash. Because there is no criminal basis and he is a human rights defender.

They stick to one word, the content of which is different, the context is separate. So it is a slander. And the American Consul also knows thisand said that they will fight for Serikzhan and we will raise this issue at the international level.

I asked the US Senate to impose economic sanctions on China for the tears of Kazakh and Uighur. I asked him provide it.

Question: “So I have interviewed Bekentas Myrzakhmetov and he said that

he is not among the 17 people and he did not sign and someone signed for me. Gabbas Qabyshuly also wrote an article that they really regret about sign. You also signed there. It was necessary to initiate proceedings. What do you think about this?”

I am a person who not refuse owns signature and words.  It is true that the violence exists in China. It is true that Serikzhan Bilash has fought heroically.  It is true that he did not commit a crime. As I understood, that in this letter, we just wrote about our offensive to Serikzhan Bilash. Let him not be offended. Although I’m not the author of the letter, I support his idea. But we did not blame him for the crime. Therefore, I will not deny that I signed the letter.

Question: “Shakhanov accused him of being a spy for China. We visited and told him to apologize and said that he blames him for no reason. We said that we will not sue for the respect of your age, but you will be responsible for this before the people.”

I think that Shakhanov is a politician who has a big experience. I don’t blacken him. On the other hand the fact is that Serikzhan was criticized. I support it. Shakhanov’s position is also right. Serikzhan is also a hero, a naive hero. Our government also has a great merit. In fact, after gaining independence, Nazarbayev brought one million Kazakhs from China. But I wish they work together. And also it is ineffective for us to break relations with China. However Serikzhan Bilash has a great merit.

Azimbay: But here we are…..

Somehow he will make mistake when it comes to how he construct the words… some time with anger..

you know, like someone came from other country will have difficulties on how to express

as returnee with feelings of nostalgia will expect to get very warm welcome

but here we have very different kind of people, so may be sometime he spoke from bitterness

that’s why we should always support our compatriots, myself also

We should forgive each other for these words already been spoke out

by the way, its already “Amal” festival now. (Amal kuni – One of the Kazakh National festivals, in this festival people forgive each other regardless of what happened in the past)

That officer asked me “who you are going to forgive”

I said “I will forgive Serikzhan Bilash”

you know he strongly criticized us

Shakhanov, few poets, writers and politicians says ” we are not allowed to work on freeing our compatriot”

Did they say “we are not allowed to work”?

yes, he said “they are blocking us”

When did he say that

there was one

do you mean the one was in an autumn few years back?

I don’t sure, there was one, I saw it

that letter had been written  by order,

its about their contribution, you know they have big contribution

maybe it was pointed to Shakhanov not all of you?

no, you know we have signed on the letter

oh, was it after the release of the letter?

Yes, after the release of the letter

Generally, it is happened during the work

he is blame us for being spy, I think we need to sue him

no, no, that’s not right, if he say its spy then that’s wrong. Of course he is not spy he is patriots of Kazakh.

I think it is time to sue Shakhanov himself

if we keep sue each other…

not for records, for myself…

generally, when Bilash was still reciting Chinese quote book in Chinese we have been involved in many activities  like Anti-nuclear movement of Semipalatinsk, save the Aral Sea.

Do you mean this should be considered?


Even Chingiz Xan had a rule, Chingiz Xan can forgive 9 sins of those who closed to him and had great  contribution. Just like, do you mean we can forgive our brothers’ one sins?


of course, Serikzhan had great  contribution, but he shouldn’t criticize all of us

Generally, we have this bad habit,when it comes to National movement it is big presumptuousness, all of us

we should correct each other, support each other.

it is very sad that he is arrested and his work is stopped now

He didn’t commit crime, I guarantee you he will be free

Let me tell you a prediction

China will be forced to release 50,000 Kazakh in this summer.

may be China already made decision

Because China doesn’t want to make problem

USA will make sanction

he made big contribution

There is not only Serikzhan. Sayragul had contribution as well

There are other people as well who following Serikzhan’s way

Bilash had completed his big mission

America, Euro union and western  country got necessary  information already.

We can say the work is completed. Of course need to continue work on it.

The only thing remain is “China will be defeated”

Can I ask one question  about economy?

China Is Sitting On $3.5 Trillion in Currency Reserves

yes. Compare to other big Currency Reserves group, in what degree China has independence

first of all, China still depend on exporting goods.

for example, US has intensified his trade war with China by imposing new tariffs, immediately Xi agreed with US’s condition, this was just starting

Now, US is monitoring human rights on China, not like in the past just send mail, nowadays  video material available

These shocking video cannot be fake, no actor able to act like that. US is frequently inviting Serikzhan to the commission. Of course it is true, not acting.

Senate won’t Hesitant

There is not only Serikzhan. There is Saragul before him and there are people who continue his work.

American Consul told me they support Serikzhan, Serikzhan had greate contribution.

They told me they know about defamation on Serikzhan and they told me they are very appreciate that I didn’t compromising him

The fact is there. You can bring me to the court, I can say I have been arrested me 8 hours

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