Nobel peace prize for Serikzhan Bilash

Hello, dear viewers! This idea of the Nobel Peace Prize came up with the repatriate Shamakhai Kuandyk-uly from Mongolian Republic, who moved to Kazakhstan earlier for the first time in trial of Serikzhan Bilash, then at the next trial I expressed the same idea with the aim of offering Serikzhan Bilash for the Nobel Peace Prize and try to do everything possible to achieve this goal. We began to put this idea into practice with an appeal to the Kazakh people to collect signatures to petition from the village Koyandy near Astana city today, on June 16th,2019. Further, we intend to transfer this baton to other large cities like Almaty, Shymkent, Oskemen and others, because many of our friends and acquaintances are calling and want to hold such events in their cities. Also we think we will continue these actions until we collect a large number of signatures, let it be thousands or millions of signatures. Unfortunately, our people have a well-established tradition to talk about the exploits of our glorious patriots after leaving the other world, so we want to change this tradition and even if only one of our worthy patriot and human rights activist will be awarded this high prize during his lifetime. And let him be honored by all people for his services in life, as he, despite his fear and risk, defends the rights of the ethnic minorities that are in chinese concentration camps now. We call on all Kazakhs to take part in the case of Serikzhan Bilash, who sincerely supports his soul for the future of his people. Support our righteous cause for winning a reward for Serikzhan Bilash Nobel Peace Prize. We hope that those who will consider this case will make the right decision and Serikzhan Bilash will be awarded this prize. Thank you.

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