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“Atajurt” activity at Ameica

“Атажұрт” Америкада –
“Atajurt” activity at America
International Activity Report
-On March 15, we had a talk at the Melikian Center of Arizona State University.
-Atajurt video testimonies were provided to Arizona State University’s library, and they are going to be available online in the library’s database.
-On March 19, Atajurt volunteers and supporters met in New York.
-On March 19, Atajurt volunteers gave a long interview to Odessa Films Company that is preparing a documentary film about human rights abuses in China. Relevant Atajurt materials were provided too.
-On March 20, Atajurt volunteers gave an interview to South China Morning Post at their New York office.
-On March 20, Atajurt volunteers visited Columbia University’s Harriman Institute, and also talked to Columbia University’s librarians. Columbia University’s Library is also interested in having a collection of Atajurt testimonies (still in process)
-On March 20, Atajurt volunteers visited the main office of New York Times.
-On March 20, Atajurt volunteers met the executive producer of the famous radio program John Batchelor Show. We are going to join John Batchelor Show in the coming days.
-On March 21, Atajurt volunteers met with researchers from Worker Rights Consortium in Washington DC and provided information about forced labor factories in Xinjiang.
-On March 22, Atajurt volunteers met with academics from George Washington University.
-On March 22, Atajurt volunteers visited Amnesty International’s office in Washington DC.
-On March 22, Atajurt volunteers visited National Endowment for Democracy in Washington Dc.
-On March 22, Atajurt volunteers gave an interview to Hong-Kong based newspaper Apple Daily in Washington DC.
-On March 23, Atajurt volunteers met with the executive director of Eurasianet.org.
-In addition to all these, Atajurt volunteers conducted some other unofficial visits, phone calls and e-mail exchanges with human rights activists and journalists.


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