A letter from a life-threatened father to his daughter

Dear daughter Ayi Jan:

When you return home one day, you won’t see me. You will ask, “Where is my dad?”, you will find me everywhere. I may be tried for the crime of sabotaging friendship between China and Kazakhstan. It may be sent back in secret. China, there may be means to threaten relatives in China, let me “consciously” return to China, it is possible, …., but these are not important, when I will be tortured, beaten me, use electricity The stick punishes me, I am punished by water, and I will be forced to admit that I have no crimes. These are not important. Maybe you will hate me, as a citizen of Kazakhstan does not live quietly, but fights against the Chinese government. Yes, I may be a fool, but national feelings force me to move on. I don’t want to see the Chinese direction – the East, I often face me in the east, trying to forget them, but their screaming for help sounds in my ear, I will cover my ears, but the pictures of their torture will be presented in front of me, I will close my eyes, but their tears Pierced my heart.

The dignity of a man cannot drive me to silence. Maybe I am an irresponsible father, and then you may have a day without a father. But no matter how people talk about me, I hope that you can understand one thing. My life is clean, I have not said it, I have not done it, I have not even thought about doing anything bad, I am not guilty, in the front of Allah. I can answer this in front of me.

I didn’t ask you to be proud of me. Instead, I will be proud of you. You are my flower, my spiritual pillar. I just don’t want to see the Chinese flooding into Kazakhstan when you grow up. Said: “There are women who have ‘free’ here, so come over and hurry”, I don’t want to see that day. Yes, what can a father do? Nothing can be done, the Chinese will flood like a flood of valves. I am just an ordinary civilian. The salary is only 7~90,000 tenge (1400~1800 RMB), and it will not be given in time. So I have to use my car as taxi in my part-time for extra earnings and your mother’s salary to maintain this home, yes, and rent a house, in case the homeowner drives us away, we will also be everywhere on the street to find a rented house. There are a bunch of problems that I have to solve myself. Your mother also has a loan. There are a lot of problems that she has to solve. I should have not participated in political topics. This topic has not been directly related to me, and I am 100% sure that this “politics” will completely destroy our fragile family. Yes, I am a selfish father, I am with you. The happiness and even life at the expense of wanting to save the Chinese Kazakh compatriots. I have been silent for 40 years. The old neighbor of the 85-year-old Xinyuan County, Grandma Hardisha has experienced countless persecutions and remained silent. The famine has also experienced, the war has also experienced, the Cultural Revolution has also experienced, and it has been political. Persecution, we all thought that these have become the past, never imagined that she is now sweeping the streets of Xinyuan County, and they threatened to say: “If the sweep is not clean, it will be sent to the re-education center”, yes, you are not Hearing mistakes, the 85-year-old Grandma Hardisha, often puts candy in her pocket and gives it to you. The grandma that needs our to help her as she went to toilet from her bed, and now she are sweeping the floor. You imagine the following scenes. Their husbands and male youths are sent to concentration camps to pick up organs and send them to the inner-land. Their children are sent to the boarding school in the inner land , and they will live in your family, threatening to say If you want to marry your daughter, if you don’t agree, you will be put in prison. When they rape a woman arbitrarily, can you imagine whether there is more insult than this? This kind of crime is something that no brutal imperialists can do in history. Even if they are cruel, there is at least a moral bottom line for men.

I don’t know what to say. There will be such a large-scale genocide in the 21st century. Moreover, this is not a small country, but a country with a long history and culture, a country that is governed by law, an economic power, and a permanent member of the United Nations. This is the case. At first we thought that this crime would stop, thinking that it was a routine anti-terrorist operation, thinking that the border would be opened, but the Chinese government did not stop, but it became more and more powerful. They have No one to arrest now, so they began to arrest Uighur and Kazakh party members to filling in the prisons. I have read this in the Jewish persecution history. At the time, the Jewish traitors sold their national compatriots to the Nazis. In the end, no Jews were left. The Nazis sent the traitorous Jews to the concentration camp. They followed The Jewish compatriots who sold themselves were cremated together. Remember that it was from 1933 that a large number of people were arrested in concentration camps instead of 1945, when the countries of the world held a policy of appeasement. If we still hold the appeasement policy, it will be the next is Poland.

Yes, daughter Ayi Jan, if the Chinese will tell you that the name of the moon in your name (indirectly representing the Islamic New Moon) “Ayi” is removed, your name will only be left “Jan” ( The meaning of life). Just like your name, the Kazakhs and Uighurs who live in neighboring countries in the east now have only their “life”. Their language, religious beliefs, customs, culture, opinions, and dignity were destroyed, and their dawn was full of fear. I may have been killed in a persecution or forged traffic accident in Kazakhstan. But I hope that you can continue my mission, that is, peace struggle on the road of safeguarding human rights (complete opposition and rejection of terrorist activities), dignity and resolutely not allowed to be ruined, take care of your daughter, your father chose a difficult road for himself, kiss your forehead !

Yerken. Azat 05.06.2018

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