Today on 02 April 2019 Atajurt’s office at Almaty opened again!

Hello to everybody! Today on April 02th 2019 we inform you the following: As you know Atajurt’s activity was temporarily stopped on March 10th 2019 due to Serikjan Bilash’s detention. Today, a representative of the law enforcement authority opened our office door. And now we can accept the video testimonies, petitions, appeal letters from the people, whose relatives were detained, tortured, suffered in the internment camps, detention centers, slavery factories, put on house arrest, etc. in China and whose families were divided through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan to the Kazakhstan President, the UN Human Rights Committee and the human rights organizations of the world. We continue to help to the widows, orphan children, needy families and other people. We will translate the testimonies, petitions, appeals, other necessary documents into 4 languages of the world. We start our human rights activity again since April 3th 2019. We will work for you! Address of Atajurt kazakh human rights is 7th floor, 700/1 room, 50 Zhibek Zholy street crossing at Zenkova street, Kvartal business center. We are the “Atajurt Eriktileri” group volunteers: Yerbol Dauletbek-uly, Kairat Baitolla-uly, Kalman Kosjigit-uly, Seit Shejimbek-uly.

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