So, what happened there?

So, what happened there? According to the law of Kazakhstan to be placed in house arrest by the court decision and they forced the person, being in house arrest, to say the words against Mr. Ablyazov.
And now, in spite of all the case and situation happened and all witnesses are in Almaty, took me to Nursultan (Astana) city, which doesn’t have any relationship to keep me in it. My wife with my two sons who are under 5-year old and my lawyer Ms.Aiman Murat-kyzy Omarova who has a status a lawyer of international level (she won the most prestigious award for protection of women’s and children’s rights in the world and receive it from hands of the first lady of the USA, from hands of Ms.Melania Tramp) have to sit at the camera there via Skype. So it’s okay, either me or international lawyer Ms.Omarova or Ms.Sairagul Sauytbai’s case, who was reason for my detention, “Because I advised Sairagul Sauytbai to take Ms.Omarova as a lawyer, they have a right to arrest me” they said. Actually Ms.Sairagul Sauytbai has a right not to take Ms.Omarova and that lawyer has a right to take or not to take, and now make Serikjan Bilash guilty, that is some people’s personal interests, personal hostility or that is some people, who serve for an official to put Mr.Ablyazov into us, we both have never any relationship with each other, and he (Mr.Ablyazov) has nothing in common with our raised topic about Kazakhs in China. So, they are a group of stupid and ignorant want to get a good name for themselves and to score political points and because of them Kazakhstan lost its own reputation and image around the world. Probably, they used us to say the words against Mr.Ablyazov and they will take an award from the leaders, because they forced to say the words against Mr.Ablyazov. But there is Kazakhstan’s image and Elbasy’s image in the world tomorrow (Elbasy – the first president of Kazakhstan). What will happen with our national currency abroad. In addition to this, as you know our 22 billion US dollars were frozen and seized last year. Each economist knows that 22 billion US dollars were frozen for a foreign company’s application reason. All over the world, the UN Nations, the European Parliament, the Amnesty International, the Human Right, the Human Right Watch, the largest global media like the BBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Daily Mail, etc., know who is Serikjan Bilash-uly and to put him in the house arrest illegally, it will not bring to Kazakhstan a good reputation actually. It is harmful for a country and that is just personal interests of two persons uses this case, who knows Mr.Maksat and it is shame on the country because of these two persons. Now that is all, therefore, firstly I raised the human rights problems, I am accused of I called for “Jihad” at Amal hotel in Almaty city. Really it is just a political game. They cut the previous video fragment and remained the last 1 minutes’ video fragment. Full video you can see on YouTube and Ms. Aiman have this video’s disk. I said Jihad is not only Uighurs, who are detained only for the religious reasons, as well as Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs, why were Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs detained too? For example, there are 100 Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs in the same village, 2-3 of them go to praying on Friday, the rest 90 people drink vodka. I proved the China authorities have not a right to detain Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs for religious extremism reasons. Indeed, the Kazakhs in China are not religious fanatics. Thirdly, why were Mongolians and Tibets detained? Mongolians are even Buddhists and some of them are Tengrians. Why were they detained? Religion is a just pretext. That’s a seizure of Kazakh’s lands and pastures. The Kazakhstan government declared a 5-year-moratorium not to give a land to China due to strike in 2016. The China government put the Kazakhs in China on pressure and they are victims. Now you have detained Serikjan Bilash, who raised this problem, and the place of detention in Nursultan (Astana) city. That’s shame on us forever in the world’s and Kazakhstan’s history. Serikjan Bilash is just a Kazakh, he is not a politician till now. I just helped to crying women, crying children who haven’t seen their fathers for 5-6 years, to husbands and children, whose mothers detained in China at my own expenses and thanks to the people’s help. I just organized this work, I am not involved in a big politics, I don’t know who is Mr.Ablyazov. They said I incited a national and ethnic hatred and Jihad. I just say China put the ethnic minorities on pressure for a pretext and the whole world, the United Nations, the European Parliament and all international human rights organizations recognize it. Therefore I said we must go for information fight, it will not be a rally or a strike. Why? Just on February 08, 2019 at Amal hotel, the Bashkurt cultural center members, the Tatar cultural center members in Kazakhstan, the Azerbaijan cultural center members, a deputy mayor of Alatau district of Almaty city, all mullahs of the Department of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and writers and poets of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan have participated in that meeting. I said this is fight, this is jihad, we don’t go for a strike, we just write a complaint with a white paper and a pen. Who are you, who is the detained, when was detained, where is a detention place in China, for what reason, just write these 5 (five) factors and submit to the competent authorities. That is information and ideological war, i.e. jihad, in order to inform to the whole world, who was detained and when was detained for no his/her religion of anything else, just for the violation of his/her human rights. Just write these 5 factors and send it to inform the people. That “Jihad” word was cut and the last word was remained and accused me of incitement of a social hatred (conflict), it is unjustified at all. It is unjustified at all! I also officially posted on YouTube twice a lecture “Those relatives, who have Christians Kazakhs detained in China, can also ask for help”. As there are also Judaist Kazakhs, Christian Kazakhs and Kazakhs of different religions in Kazakhstan and they are also in China, especially who study Chinese. I said their relatives to ask for a help. I also went these Kazakhs’ home, the churches and have met with the pastors of two (2) churches at Almaty city and I asked “Do you know about situation in China”. And the photos taken in the churches were posted on the social media. Did you see it. Yes, we saw it. This is it. Then, how they dare to call me a religious fanatic calling for jihad. Incitement of religious extremism or a religious and social hatred is what article of the law. Did I incite a hatred between any two nations in Kazakhstan? Are Chinese people in Kazakhstan? There are no Chinese people here. I am protecting the human rights of the citizens of Kazakhstan or those who intends to get Kazakhstan citizenship. I said the war with China is unequal, we are 18 million Kazakhstan people, if each of us has even 18 million rockets against China, nevertheless we are unequal! We have only the facts about whose human rights were violated, for this reason I asked to create the form-sheets cooperated with the international human rights organizations, we have a large form-sheet. We competently engaged in this problem and the boxes with the complaints, applications, statements have sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MFA of RK), we found the facts for them, including Elbasy (Elbasy – the first president of Kazakhstan). When a representative of the MFA goes to China, he/she just say: “Here is a fact. Where are these Kazakh people?” First time 700 Kazakhs were released, and second time – 2000 Kazakhs released from Chinese prisons. And this information was published by the MFA itself. And this work done, these facts collected by me, to detain me and put me in house arrest. That is personal interests, personal PRs and personal revenge of somebody who suffered from the defeat at the Sairagul Sauytbai court. I was honored for that I spoke something against Mr. Ablyazov. That is revenge of some swindlers, who wants to be honored dressing white Shapan (Kazakh’s national clothes) or playing some political game. However, contrary it resulting the Republic of Kazakhstan to lose its image around the world. If you know English, search on Google my name in two different ways: one is through “Zh”, another is “J”, you can find thousands of information. The full video version of that day (8th February) you can officially see on YouTube channel and Facebook pages. These persons have only cut off the Jihad word. Therefore, honorable comrades, Mr. Judge, Ms. Court Secretary and my brothers – two court investigators, as a full citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as a human rights defender of the Kazakh citizens, the first and No.1 person recognized by all Kazakh people and the Western mass media, as before Serikjan Bilash there is no anybody, who recognized as a human rights defender in Kazakhstan by the global mass media. Moreover, there is no a topic of human rights protection raised, that is not my strength, that is occasional, I was just raised the global topic accidentally. I know English a little and it’s not awesome. But at this level, the whole United Nations, the whole European Parliament raised this problem and they have warned China several times about this. They repeatedly sent their delegates, they said: “We repeatedly sent a commission and just now they are sending a commission to China.” To arrest or detain Serikjan who raised such problem is destroying Kazakhstani image. Probably Mr. Elbasy (the first president of Kazakhstan) doesn’t know this, probably Mr. Tokayev doesn’t know this, probably the officials and the authorities are very busy and don’t know such problems. However, the US senator Mr. Marco Rubio reads New York Times, where an article published by Serikjan Bilash, and share it with other people. Mr.Marco Rubio phones me and talks to me and the US President Mr.Donald Trump formed the “Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC)” anti-Chinese human rights commission, which is officially take our all information and entered to their database. After that, the information gathered by our volunteers group “Atajurt Eriktileri”, which Kazakhstan could not access, have sent to the United States and the European Union fully as the video testimonies, the form-sheets and complaints, applications, statements in English. Now Serikjan Bilash is detained for no reason, falsely accusing for only one word, for a pretext in Nursultan (Astana) illegally and separate from his wife and children for two (2) months. That is losing Kazakhs and Kazakhstan’s reputation around the world, because of political incompetency and illiteracy of those two persons of the National Security Committee, who employed Mr.Maksat Baimaganbetov standing at a curtain forever and detained me. Even I warn you about something clearly. May be, these persons’ rights are very much, may be they sentenced me to 10 (ten) years in prison, I am not afraid of it. But the time changes, yesterday’s people, who participated in Jeltoksan (December) riot of 1986, are heroes right now. And it is great shame on those people who was sentenced them. Today you may sentence Serikjan, but it will be forever a great shame on you all over the world. I finished talking. After that loud applauds of the court participants took place at the court meeting. The court meeting has not completed said the judge. Ms.Omarova is talking by video online from Almaty city (can’t hear well). She said there is no a crime committed by him, the “crime” committed not in Nursultan (Astana) city. We’ve completed everything and we’ve went everywhere, there is only a court expertise required. Is that right to obtain the court expertise at Shymkent city? I have received a copy from somewhere. Is it possible to release Serikjan Bilash on bail?, – we ask you. Can you hear me? On bail? said Ms.Omarova. The court meeting is over, I understood you, said the judge. Thank you! Said Ms.Omarova.

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