If the government doesn’t release Serikzhan Bilash before August 10, we will start a mass strike throughout the country

Yesterday, July 12, at the same time two pickets took place in two large cities of Kazakhstan. “Undoubtedly release Serikzhan Bilash,” the picketers said. During the protest action, the picketers declared Serikzhan Bilash is innocent. The organizers of the picket in Almaty were participants of December Revolution. They crowded in the square where the December revolution took place in 1986. In their hands were posters. The inscriptions on the posters were “Serikzhan is the hero of the nation” and “Insulting Serikzhan – insulting the Kazakh people.” In accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holding meetings and protesting actions without the permission of the Akimat are unauthorized and illegal. The second protest was in the city of Nur-Sultan. Unsatisfied group – are members of the organization Atazhurt. This organization was intentionally denied in registration by the authorities of Kazakhstan. Almaty court fined the head of the organization Serikzhan Bilash in the amount of $ 700 and declared an unregistered organization. An interesting paradox is that: the organization’s request for registration was canceled four times this year.
Members of the organization, crowded at the Presidential Administration in Astana, handed applications to the Presidential Administration. It is evident that the people’s patience from injustice was over. “If the government does not release Serikzhan Bilash before August 10, we will start a mass strike throughout the country,” the Atazhurt volunteers said. Interestingly, Azattyk Radio (RFE), who wrote about the picket in Nur-Sultan, did not mention the latest tough statement. For the authorities, who are frightened by the strike in 2019 which was full of strikes, there is no worse word than the word strike.

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